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How to live with your trees

Living with trees:

Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen by the process of photosynthesis. On hot days they regulate their water content by releasing water vapour through stomata microscopic openings in the leaves creating a pleasant environment. They filter pollution and air particles by trapping it on leaves and bark.

They create shade from the suns rays; reflect beautiful dappled filtered light to the ground producing a comfortable peaceful atmosphere. They can break up the sharp edges of suburban architecture. Trees that compliment a quality garden are attractive and benefit us all.

Here are my tips for living with your trees:


Get a qualified tree surgeon to inspect and maintain your trees. Included bark is only one growth abnormality which could pose a possible danger.

If you park your car under a tree use a car cover.

Car cover
Blue bells

If your drive is within the proximity of trees use a permeable gravel surface, or a specialist surface such as Permeable Pavements.

Remember, there is always a workable solution to maintaining trees within the proximity of buildings.

Cherry near Drive